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Interactive Graphics

Captivate your online audience with interactive graphics that bring news stories to life

Deliver an informative and engaging experience for your audience with interactive graphics from The Canadian Press, Canada's national news agency.



Our award-winning graphic artists design entertaining, educational and easy-to-post files that:

  • Blend graphics and relevant facts with news stories, photos and audio produced by our journalists.
  • Engage audiences with interactive elements such as quizzes and animated maps, diagrams and historical timelines.
  • Attract advertisers looking for a captive audience.
  • Help differentiate your site with rich, multimedia content – at a fraction of the cost it would take to produce yourself.


A diverse selection of more than 40 Interactive Graphics are produced annually, including both spontaneous files based on breaking news events and planned files covering business, sports, special events and seasonal events.

Winner of “The Best of Media Design Award” from the Society for News Designs

What the judges say about Interactive Graphics:

“…some of the clearest work out there.”
“…news sites should do more of these!”
“A very strong collection of work that combines video, audio, maps, still photos and text into strong stylized packages…”
“…takes dry…data and brings it to life…”
“Audio usage was very effective.”
“Good use of photography…a quality project for being a breaking news graphic.”


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Need more multimedia content to engage audiences?

The Canadian Press also provides online video news clips that keep your audiences watching and wanting more.

Samples and setup

See samples of The Canadian Press Interactive Graphics.

See technical setup instructions for implementing The Canadian Press Interactive Graphics.