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The Canadian Press Images offers cost-effective subscriptions that give you access and republishing rights to real-time and vintage images from The Canadian Press and its partner agencies. Find that perfect photo quickly in The Canadian Press Images deep database of up-to-the-minute Canadian and international news photos. There are more than 5 million archive images online and you can see samples by browsing the guest gallery at


Subscribers enjoy volume-based pricing and have the power to find that perfect photo with a quick and easy search of the archive’s rich picture file featuring up-to-the-minute Canadian and international news photos.


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  • Adding today’s best pictures from a host of top international photo agencies such as The Associated Press and Press Association.


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The Canadian Press Images, a commercial division of The Canadian Press, is the Canadian leader of visual solutions. For over 30 years, The Canadian Press Images has been providing professional images and visual services to newspapers, magazines, web sites, book publishers, corporations, banks, federal and provincial governments, advertising agencies, public relations firms, and many other organizations. With the largest Canadian editorial image archive, The Canadian Press Images is the first place photo editors and visual professionals turn for finding the right imagery.


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