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Keep your audiences coming back by feeding their appetite for entertainment news with fun, edgy videos produced by CelebTV

CelebTVAs Canada’s leading provider of real-time multimedia news and the exclusive source of Associated Press videos in Canada, The Canadian Press now offers CelebTV videos – the most watched online entertainment news video network. From breaking news and exclusive interviews to the inside scoop on Hollywood fashion, fitness and its fabulous couples, CelebTV videos capture the sights and sounds of the entertainment world to help build your audience and generate ad revenue across your broadcast, online and mobile properties.

Increase viewer engagement and deliver a captive audience for advertisers with high-quality celebrity videos covering the hottest headlines and all the biggest stars on the screen and behind the scenes.

CelebTV is trusted by hundreds of publishers, large and small, to deliver expertly produced videos capturing the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Anchored by respected host Kelli Zink, who is a regular contributor to the top entertainment news shows on CNN and MSNBC, CelebTV videos cover all the latest in film, TV, music, celebrity style, body and diet, couples and babies.

  • First-rate reporting with best-in-class production quality: Winner of eight Telly awards honouring the best in video production, CelebTV videos are all HD and shot in a state-of-the-art digital studio. Unlike other videos that only have a narrator, CelebTV’s seasoned host brings to life the most relevant entertainment stories of the day in a fun and tasteful style that is “brand friendly” for attracting sponsors and advertisers.
  • Timely, dynamic feed of six to 10 videos per weekday (one to three minutes in length): CelebTV’s large volume of fresh, new videos ensures you will receive all the most talked-about showbiz stories of the day, plus stories not covered by others. A one-month library of approximately 200 videos, rich with evergreen content, is also available.
  • Easy, flexible integration: All videos can be delivered via an MRSS feed.

CelebTV coverage:

WIRE: Breaking news on everything from celebrity hookups and breakups to arrests, mug shots and courtroom battles. There’s no shortage of juicy drama and scandal among Hollywood’s finest!

STYLE: A look at the fashion fails of the week and celebrity style from the red carpet to the street. CelebTV’s daily features give fans the scoop on the hottest celebrity fashion and beauty trends: 

celebtvstyleWho wore it best: Which star pulled it off better? 

Trend alert: What’s hot in Hollywood now? 

Steal that look: How to recreate your favourite looks 

Look of the week: Who rocked the best styles?

Fashion fails: Who needs to get a new stylist?

FIT: CelebTV captures health and fitness...Hollywood style, including tips from celebrity chefs, trainers and nutritionists, workout and diet trends, post-baby body transformations, and secrets to aging gracefully.

FAMILY: Family-friendly segments on celebrities enjoying their happily ever after in Hollywood, everything from new couples, baby bumps, engagements and dream weddings to celebrity parents, their babies and kids.

TEEN: Hosted by up-and-coming teen host Elena, CelebTV videos deliver a daily update on what and who is hot in Young Hollywood:

celebtvteensStyle and beauty reports

New couple alerts

Movie and TV news

Music news

: The inside scoop from the big and small screen to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. CelebTV covers casting updates, box office releases, “before they were stars” features, and behind-the-scenes buzz at premieres and award shows.

MUSIC: CelebTV keeps fans in tune with their favourite musicians on and off stage, including daily coverage of new releases, concert tours, awards shows, on-stage style hits and misses, and TV shows such as American Idol and The Voice.

HOME: For foodies, jet setters or house hunters, CelebTV provides an escape with daily segments on:

celebtvhomeTravel: Who was seen where and with whom?

Real estate: Who’s buying and selling this week?

Homes: Inside the most extravagant digs


GADGETS: CelebTV covers the Hollywood tech scene, including the gadgets celebs are sporting, the start-ups they’re fronting, the apps and games they’re downloading and playing, and the gear, clothing and cars they’re flaunting.

SPORTS: When the worlds of sports and celebrity collide, CelebTV keeps fans in the game with recaps of the best social posts from athletes and celebrities, updates on athletes dating or dancing with the stars, and coverage of celebrities in the stands and who they’re cheering on.


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