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Health and wellness videos by HealthChoicesFirst

Build a loyal and engaged audience by offering a searchable database of videos featuring healthy lifestyle and medical solutions from the largest panel of trusted specialists and doctors across Canada.

HCF-yogaAs the authoratative source for breaking and developing Canadian health news, The Canadian Press now offers more than 1,700 videos produced by HealthChoicesFirst, a growing community of 300 leading healthcare providers and medical professionals sharing practical solutions for healthy living.   

The HealthChoicesFirst video library will have your online and mobile audiences coming back again and again to look for solutions by symptom, condition or treatment across more than 50 health topics.

  • Educational health content from credible sources that audiences can trust: While other videos use scripted actors, HealthChoicesFirst videos feature practicing doctors and health professionals in Canada with specialized knowledge on the topics presented. They volunteer their time to share accurate, easy-to-understand solutions in their area of expertise.
  • Unbiased health information, free of any promotional influence: Each one-to-two-minute video is reviewed by the HealthChoicesFirst medical board and does not contain any product endorsement. The videos also direct viewers to consult their local qualifi ed physician instead of promoting specific professionals or medical practices, which protects their editorial integrity and makes them well suited for publication on media and health sites.
  • A growing archive, regularly updated with new health videos to capture the latest research: Approximately 20 to 30 new videos are added each month across popular topics such as pregnancy, diabetes and mental health. While other health videos provide basic background on diseases and conditions, HealthChoicesFirst videos are unique in their focus on solutions, discussing diagnosis, testing, detection procedures, symptoms, risk factors, causes, prevention, treatment, medications, side effects, condition and pain management, exercises and more.

Empower your digital audience with a robust research tool that puts compelling, credible health content at their fingertips.

Increase visits and engagement minutes: The HealthChoicesFirst video library creates a dynamic user experience that can help generate repeat traffic and longer visits to:

  • Help media and health portals increase ad revenue.
  • Help hospitals and healthcare providers assist patients in making informed decisions about their lifestyle, health and wellness.
  • Help pharmacies, drug store chains or other health related organizations build a stronger brand connection with their consumers through content marketing.

Easily integrate the video library with your website: HealthChoicesFirst videos, all shot in HD and available in mp4 format for mobile compatibility, can be delivered via an MRSS feed in its entirety or by category. You can also link videos to accompany individual stories to maximize their value. HealthChoicesFirst can also host the search box and video player, seamlessly displaying it as if it is part of your website.

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