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Attract advertisers and satisfy growing consumer demand for reliable, timely Canadian automotive news, features, photos and videos in English and French.

lcmediacollageKeep your audience informed with the latest automotive news, vehicle previews, road tests, editorial features and more produced by LC Media (browse content samples), one of Canada’s largest English- and French-language content providers in the automotive, and motorboat fields. This comprehensive feed is now available from The Canadian Press, Canada’s most trusted news source and leader in providing real-time, bilingual multimedia content for print, broadcast, online, mobile and emerging platforms.

Increase ad revenue and become the go-to destination that consumers trust for well-written, automotive coverage from an industry leader, known for its credibility and expertise.

With a constant eye on quality and more than 50 years of experience, LC Media’s dedicated team of more than 20 journalists produce and edit a turnkey feed of credible, current automotive content that can be published “as is” – saving you time and money otherwise spent on handling material from freelancers.

  • Automotive coverage unrivalled for its depth, breadth and timeliness: From test drives, comparisons, car mechanics and launches to tips and advice, features, top 10 lists, news and blogs, LC Media produces more than 2500 articles and technical specs (many with accompanying photos) throughout the year, as well as photo galleries, and more than 20 videos.
  • Automotive content featuring the latest insights from a unique perspective: LC Media’s well-known journalists are invited to cover manufacturer’s events, product launches and industry shows around the world. Their experience and connections with knowledgeable insiders allow them to report the latest developments from different angles, often taking an out-of-the-box perspective that sets their content apart.



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