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Access the largest news video archive - Stock news footage from the most trusted news agency

aparchiveThe AP Archive is home to more news footage than any other library in the world, showcasing more than 10,000 hours of film and video and more than 1.3 million stories from The Associated Press, the world’s largest news agency and most trusted source of unbiased information. Voted Footage Library of the Year by FOCAL International for being the best out of over 50 footage libraries, the AP Archive is the leading source for easy, online access to high quality, credible video, delivered on time at affordable prices.

TV and film producers, advertisers, online publishers and corporations in Canada can now license AP Archive footage from The Canadian Press. If your project qualifies for the federal government’s Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit that gives back up to 25% of your eligible production costs, licensing footage from The Canadian Press can save you money!

Go to and explore the deepest library of historic news video and current events to easily find the perfect footage for your production

  • The most comprehensive news collection: The AP Archive offers footage owned by AP Television News from 1895 onwards and adds over 20,000 stories each year.
  • The largest global reach: With bureaus in over 80 cities worldwide, APTN captures video covering wars, natural disasters, the environment, the economy, science, sports, entertainment, personalities, pop culture, city scenes, lifestyles and more.

Finding your perfect footage among the hundreds of thousands available is simple with AP’s packages. Browse topical and timely video handpicked by AP for your convenience, including:

  • Over 500 clipreels of the best shots on everything from natural disasters to wars to celebrities
  • World News Reviews, year by year, from 1929 to today
  • Daily entertainment news from 1989 onwards
  • Ready-made current affairs reports from 1967 onwards
  • Over 300 Earthfile reports on environmental issues  

Enjoy fast service, receiving all of the shots you need, when you need them

AP’s archive experts are the fastest in the industry, often fulfilling orders within 24 hours instead of the two- to three-day turnaround that other suppliers provide. Combine this with the prompt, professional service The Canadian Press provides in quoting and licensing the content, and you are guaranteed an efficient, personalized experience from start to finish. 


Find out the best pricing and subscription options that maximize your savings when licensing AP Archive footage from The Canadian Press.