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Broadcast monitoring/Media monitoring

Track TV newscasts – Access transcripts within minutes of the program’s sign-off.

Who’s minding your on-air reputation?

Quickly monitor media coverage - what’s being reported in TV newscasts about your company, products, clients and competitors. With immediate broadcast monitoring access to the latest transcripts of TV news programs from across Canada, you can maximize positive coverage and monitor emerging issues.

Turn to The Canadian Press, Canada’s national news agency, to track TV media coverage in more than 90 news and public affairs programs in 14 Canadian markets. Our television monitoring service delivers relevant TV newscast transcripts to you within minutes after the program’s sign-off.

Easily monitor important national and regional TV newscasts

With full-text newscast transcripts automatically sent to your email or online account, you are instantly alerted to any mention of your chosen keywords in regional newscasts and all major national newscasts (e.g., CTV NewsNet, CBC Newsworld, Global, CityTV, TVA and TQS).

Our television broadcast monitoring service cuts through the clutter to help you improve research efficiency and make more informed business decisions:

  • Monitor television coverage (public relations and brand management).
  • Track industry trends and opinions (investor relations).
  • Gain consumer insight (market research).
  • Identify competitor innovations or business opportunities (business development).
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