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Go beyond media monitoring

Monitor Canadian Press Wire news in real time to gain the competitive edge of MEDIA FORECASTING

Your organization will be in tomorrow’s news. Need to see the story in advance?

Command News gives you news alerts to developing stories as they happen and before they may hit the headlines.   It is the only real-time service for monitoring media stories on the wire from The Canadian Press, Canada’s national news agency trusted by print and broadcast media since 1917.

How can media forecasting benefit me and complement traditional media monitoring? 

Our clients rely on this advance notice and news alert service to give them more time to plan their public relations strategy and prepare their spokespeople for interviews, which means being able to proactively call the media to:

  • Respond to negative stories before a crisis may develop.
  • Identify and correct misinformation before it may be widely published or broadcast to the public.
  • Offer relevant comments on developing stories before missing an opportunity to “get into the news” and gain more coverage.

Why monitor news on The Canadian Press Wire via Command News?

Because stories and audio news clips on The Canadian Press Wire:

Reach thousands of journalists – Editors and reporters at more than 600 newspapers, radio and TV stations across Canada monitor news on The Canadian Press Wire every day, often printing or airing stories “as is” and without question because of The Canadian Press’s high degree of credibility.

Reach millions of people – Our stories appear in countless websites, newscasts, tomorrow's papers, computer desktops, cellphones and elevator screens, helping shape the perceptions of your clients, customers, competitors and other stakeholders.

How does it work?

Media forecasting is effortless with Command News and can easily be added to your current media monitoring efforts. Through a password-protected website, you can search and view Canadian Press stories at the same time they are being seen by more than 600 daily papers, radio and TV stations. News alerts with stories mentioning your search terms can also be emailed to you, alerting you to news affecting your organization, competitors and industry.

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