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Canadian news wire services from The Canadian Press


Build extensive, complete newscasts by providing access to breaking Canadian news; regional, national and world updates; weather bulletins and sports scores from Canada’s national agency and its broadcast news wire service. The Broadcast Wire includes news features on business, health/entertainment and other timely topics of interest, helping make your station the “go-to” source listeners trust to keep them informed.

News from the Broadcast Wire service is written for "on-air" delivery to quickly and easily integrate into your next broadcast. The news wire can be used as a news tip or background service, or as a news planning and assignment tool. Broadcast Wire service saves you time so you can free up your newsroom to focus on unique content tailored to your audience.

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Perfect for radio and TV news, Broadcast Audio service provides the most recognized network newscasts in Canada. Use the broadcast news feed to offer listeners extensive and current news coverage for radio or television. Receive 60-second Update newscasts available at 00:57 past the hour from 6:57 a.m. to 12:57 a.m. ET seven days a week and a 3:00-minute Broadcast Report (with optional 60-second Sport reports during specific hours) every hour on weeknights & overnights and 24 hours on weekends & holidays.

Stations that subscribe to Broadcast Audio have access to regional, national and international newsmakers, sports and entertainment personalities, reports from correspondents and live reports from The Canadian Press and ABC Radio International. When news breaks, The Canadian Press provides stations with frequent reports and/or live anchored coverage.

Broadcast Audio also provides a full menu of feature material that many stations incorporate into magazine-style shows or regular programming. Others use it for individual sponsorship sales.

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