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Digital signage content and news feeds

Digital signage networks and clients with digital screens rely on real-time news feeds from The Canadian Press

Hold the attention of your digital signage audience and keep them informed with up-to-the-minute Canadian Press Wire news, photos and videos.

With more and more companies advertising on digital signs in elevators, gas stations, retail stores, malls, hospitals, banks, airports and other transit locations, digital signage networks are delivering a captive audience by offering engaging and informative dynamic news, pictures and video from The Canadian Press, Canada's national news agency.


To help hold the attention of audiences, our digital signage network clients rely on The Canadian Press to:

• Automatically push real-time news headlines to their digital screens via RSS or XML feeds.

• Publish and refresh top news photos selected by our journalists.


• Build loyalty among audiences who are on the move, but never out of touch, and appreciate being kept informed with up-to-the-minute news from your digital signage networks.

• Increase revenue opportunities and attract more advertisers who know the value of appearing alongside news from a reputable source that captivates audiences.


More than 50 text news categories are available - in English and French - including business, sports, entertainment, oddities, health and many more.

More than 20 infotainment categories are available, including local event listings, local traffic, weather, today’s top tweets, photo trivia, financial graphics, top 10 of the week on Billboard charts, sports scores, healthy tips and more.

• We also offer a turnkey solution for displaying stunning slideshows of the day’s top sports, entertainment and national news photos in both English and French, showcasing hi-res images, a headline and optional summary in a beautiful design template that suits various screen sizes. 


Add Canadian Press news to your dynamic digital signage

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