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Technical setup instructions

Technical instructions for webmasters implementing The Canadian Press Online news service

The Canadian Press Online provides news in French and English. This service contains stories (NITF or RSS) with associated photos (JPEG). The Canadian Press Interactive Graphics can be included.Site setup

Delivery of the material will be accomplished using FTP and the Internet. The site will require an FTP server and a continuous Internet connection.

The Canadian Press requires the following setup:

  1. Home directory e.g.:
  2. Account userid/password.
  3. Upon login, the default directory should be cp.
  4. The Canadian Press needs full access (Read, Write and Delete) to the cp directory.
  5. Phone 416-364-0321, or email this information to Online Support.


The Canadian Press supplies French and English services. For a full listing of categories, please refer to the Content Categories section on the side menu.


It is required that you have a Canadian Press or Presse Canadienne logo on your website. Here is a list and location of transparent gif files in different sizes that you can use.

Logo width

175 pixels   thecanadianpresslogo175

200 pixels   thecanadianpresslogo200

Logo width

175 pixels   lapressecanadiennelogo175

200 pixels   lapressecanadiennelogo200



If you have any technical problems or questions, you may send email to the attention of Online Support.

Editorial questions may be sent to Online Editors.

Thank you for your interest in The Canadian Press Online.

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