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Canadian video news 

Online news video developed uniquely for digital audiences

The Canadian Press helps keep your web and mobile visitors watching and wanting more by providing current, credible Canadian video news.

We draw upon our global partnerships with The Associated Press and other agencies to meet growing demand for online news video from around the world. We also provide our own unique Canadian video news that is produced specifically for web and mobile applications to give your audience truly original online news video.


  • High-quality news video clips, available in various formats, are easily pushed to your web and mobile sites, requiring minimum effort from you.
  • Eye-catching online video, 30 seconds to two minutes in length, engage your audience to watch news stories as they unfold.
  • Updated throughout the day, Canadian video news files cover national news, sports, entertainment, business and more: See AP Online Video and The Canadian Press Online Video categories (some available in French).
  • 24/7 support from our experienced technical team.


  • Generate new and repeat traffic.
  • Increase revenue from advertisers looking for online content that holds the attention of visitors longer.
  • Take advantage of this convenient and cost-effective way to add multimedia content that audiences look for and want.


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