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Command News Publisher gives you complete editorial control to easily, search, view and push selected news stories to your website.

Command News Publisher reduces the time and cost of managing and delivering relevant news to your online audience. Automatically and seamlessly populate your website or intranet with news and information available from The Canadian Press, Canada's most authoritative and trusted news voice.

Keep audiences informed of important issues as they develop

Relevant - Command News Publisher lets you create and update custom searches to provide your audience with the news they need, when they need it. 

Real-time - Deliver continuously updating Canadian and international news to your site, 24/7. With Command News Publisher, you post breaking and developing news as it happens throughout the day. Give your online users and decision-makers the power to proactively respond to issues affecting your organization, when it counts. 

How fast and simple is Command News Publisher?

Through a link that is created and added to your site, Command News Publisher provides direct access to headlines and full-text news stories matching your criteria. There's no complicated code to install or time-consuming searches through mountains of irrelevant sources.


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