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As demand for online daily news stories continues to grow, major portals and websites turn to The Canadian Press as a credible source for top stories, news and information their visitors can trust - published as they're happening and updated continuously.


To help keep their visitors coming back again and again, clients rely on the convenience of our Canadian Press Online service to:

  • Automatically push the top stories and latest news in XML or HTML format to their site.
  • Seamlessly integrate breaking news stories and any related photos and audio clips with their site's unique look and feel.
  • Publish top daily news stories, national and world news stories, selected from The Canadian Press Wire by our online editors.

More than 50 daily news categories are available – in English and French – including stories from our business news wire, as well as top national stories, world news, sports news, health news, popular entertainment news, oddities and more.


  • Build loyalty – Delivering up-to-the-minute news of interest to Canadians makes each visit informative and unique, which increases repeat traffic and brings in new users.
  • Increase revenue opportunities – Complementing your site with dynamic news gives your advertisers unique positioning on a "must visit" site.


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