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Press release distribution

Target media across the country, in any city, in English and French.

Send press releases over The Canadian Press Wire Network to get your message inside newsroom editorial systems, in front of journalists.

Through an exclusive partnership with The Canadian Press, Nasdaq GlobeNewswire can provide you with exclusive access to The Canadian Press Wire Network which delivers your news releases directly into newsroom editorial systems and to the desktops of journalists at almost 700 media outlets served by CP across Canada*.

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Your news releases are available in the same editorial system as core news sources like CP and The Associated Press, and as editors and journalists are researching particular companies and topics, and writing news stories for their outlets, they can easily access your news releases without having to search through other databases or feeds.

*News releases distributed on that are sent to Canadian circuits will continue to reach The Canadian Press Wire Network. 

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Send a photo with your next press release. The Canadian Press Images provides photo distribution to the media and a photo assignment service with photographers who specialize in capturing “media-style,” attention-grabbing photos to optimize your chances for media pickup. Call 1-866-599-0599 or email for more information.

Get a heads-up whenever one of our journalists writes a story based on your press release and sends it on The Canadian Press Wire for potential coverage by more than 600 newspapers, radio and TV stations across Canada. Command News is the only real-time service that lets you monitor The Canadian Press Wire and receive instant news alerts before the stories may hit the headlines. Sign up for a complimentary, no obligation trial today!