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With more and more companies advertising on digital signs at gas stations, retail stores, malls, hospitals, banks, airports and other transit locations, digital signage networks such as Captivate Elevator News are turning to The Canadian Press as a credible source for top stories, news and information to hold the attention of their audience. Learn more about the online news feeds, specialty content and services available from The Canadian Press by visiting the summary of links below.

Online news feed

The Canadian Press Online service automatically and seamlessly publishes the top news and photos, selected from The Canadian Press Wire by online editors.

More than 50 text news categories are available - in English and French - including business, sports, entertainment, oddities, health and many more. Plus, pictures and video files are available across a wide range of news topics.

Client testimonial

"The Canadian Press is invaluable as a provider of up-to-the-minute news for Captivate's network of flat-panel TVs in office towers across Canada. When a big story breaks, we know they will be on top of it. Our editors have the story up on our network within minutes, often beating out TV and radio stations with the scoop. Thanks to The Canadian Press, Captivate viewers always know what's up."

Michal Kapral, Senior Editor, Captivate


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While there are free content providers, only The Canadian Press can provide the same up-to-the-minute news headlines, stories and captivating photos relied on by many major daily papers, radio and TV stations, and news websites across Canada.

Find out more about The Canadian Press and our news sources to understand why our digital signage network clients choose Canada's No.1 Source for News for information their audience can trust.

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