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Journalism schools

Looking for relevant content and services for your journalism school's publication or campus newscast?

Journalism programs at schools such as Humber College, Ryerson University and Algonquin College rely on The Canadian Press for a credible source of current news stories and audio news.

The Canadian Press Wire news and Broadcast Audio news is fed directly into their editorial systems, but they also subscribe to the Command News service for 24/7 online access to the news wires.

Journalism schools access The Canadian Press Wire…

To provide students with practical experience
Schools wanting to prepare students for the "real" newsroom experience give them access to the Wire because it is the national news wire service monitored by hundreds of media outlets of all types across Canada.

To provide content for student publications or broadcasts
With access to credible, current news stories produced by more than 250 of our journalists, students can search and select which stories to use verbatim or as filler copy in school publications or broadcasts. The Canadian Press Wire is also a source for story ideas and background research, helping free up time for students to write columns and feature stories.

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