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Online stylebooks

Web-based, fully searchable edition of the Stylebook and Caps and Spelling now available for only $6.25 per month for one user!

All the authoritative advice on writing and editing you expect from The Canadian Press is now conveniently available at the click of a mouse through your own password-protected online account. If you prefer to use a search engine that quickly finds the content you need, instead of thumbing through an index, turn to the online stylebooks. If you prefer to create an online, searchable archive of your own notes, examples, style entries and commonly misspelled words, instead of writing in the margins or attaching sticky notes, the online stylebooks are for you.

The stylebooks will continue to be published for hard-copy lovers, while online subscribers will benefit from:

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The convenience of using their writing resource from anywhere they have Internet access.


The speed of real-time updates and email notifications of all style changes or additional content made by James McCarten, editor of the stylebooks. No more waiting for the next edition to be printed!


The flexibility of using the basic and advanced search tools or using the intuitive links organized by popular topics, by chapter and by new entries and recent changes to the stylebooks.


The power of searching a growing database of frequently asked questions and answers or submitting a style question directly to the editor of the stylebooks.

Sign up for an annual subscription that suits your needs

As a single user, you have the choice of signing up for a one-year renewable subscription to both the online Stylebook and Caps and Spelling (Only $6.25 per month plus tax), the online Stylebook alone (Approximately $4.00 per month) or the online Caps and Spelling alone (Less than $2.50 per month).

A site licence is also available for multiple users (from two to 1000) to access the online stylebooks within their organization. With a site licence, one "editor" account is provided along with individual accounts for all of the organization's users. Any notes, examples and style rules added in the editor account are automatically visible in the individual accounts of all the organization's users. Plus, users within the organization can still add personal notes and examples to their own accounts without sharing it with the entire organization.

Follow this simple three-step process to get started today!

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  1. Place your order: Use our shopping cart to select which online stylebook(s) you need and your desired number of user accounts. Daily newspaper clients of The Canadian Press should select the "Daily newspaper" customer type.
  2. Activate your account: Click on the "Activate your account" link that will appear on the thank you page after your order is successfully submitted. Enter your desired username and password, accept the terms of agreement and click the "activate your account" button.
  3. Start using your account: After activation, you will automatically be directed to the home page inside your account, where you can start using the basic or advanced search tools, browsing the books by popular topics or chapter or adding your own style entries. Simply log out when you're done and bookmark the site for future access.

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