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Copy Talk & Stylebook tips

Can you tell a cow from a cattle beast? Is an accident victim “brought” or “taken” to hospital? What 1960s TV show coined the phrase “Sock it to me?”  Copy Talk has answers.

Our eagle-eyed editors and readers have plenty to say about the grammar, punctuation, usage and content in Canadian Press stories. Senior supervising editor Patti Tasko, who edits The Canadian Press Stylebook and other Canadian Press publications, produces a periodic look at The Canadian Press Wire based on her own observations and on the comments, questions and complaints sent to us from across the country.

Here are some recent editions of Copy Talk

December 2009.pdf
October 2008.pdf
January 2008.pdf
November 2005.pdf
July 2004.pdf
September 2003.pdf
April 2003.pdf
July 2002.pdf

stylebooktips (narrow)Does your brain sometimes need reminding about certain style and grammar points?  Check out our Stylebook Tip of the Week.

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