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News sources

Newsgathering and news-sharing process

The Canadian Press is a co-operative with an extensive network of media partners that assist us in gathering news from all corners of the country (see map of news coverage).

Our news comes from:

  • Six bureaus across Canada – newsrooms where our journalists work. They are located in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto (head office), Edmonton and Vancouver.  
  • National and international staff correspondents – reporters based in offices in St. John’s, N.L., Fredericton, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Victoria and Washington.
  • A global network of news stringers – journalists hired and assigned by The Canadian Press to cover specific events on an as-needed basis.

We also receive news from:

  • Our Daily Newspaper Exchange – We began almost a century ago as a practical way to share news across a vast country. Many of Canada’s daily newspapers are clients of The Canadian Press who receive our news and also send us their own stories and photos.
  • Broadcast clients of The Canadian Press – Radio and TV stations across Canada purchase the broadcast service and also send us their own reports and news tips. 
  • The Associated Press – AP, the world’s largest news agency, is the exclusive distributor of our stories in the U.S., and only The Canadian Press is authorized to distribute AP news in Canada.  Our World Desk editors select AP stories and add Canadian background, content and context before relaying them to Canadian media.

How we send and receive news:

A sophisticated satellite network connects us directly to the newsrooms of hundreds of daily papers, radio and TV stations, allowing us to send and receive content in multiple formats, in real time. Journalists call it the “wire,” an old telegraph term still used even though satellite dishes and the Internet have replaced the “wire.”