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Research polls

The Canadian Press - Harris/Decima Research Poll

The Canadian Press and Harris/Decima have teamed together to produce newsworthy public opinion polls that are used by hundreds of newspapers, broadcasters, online sites and commercial clients of The Canadian Press.

Canadian Press-Harris/Decima surveys cover topics as wide ranging as politics, health, finance and lifestyles. Harris/Decima President Bruce Anderson also provides The Canadian Press with regular analysis in the form of op-ed columns and video commentary that explain the reasons behind the numbers.

"We are very pleased to be working with Bruce Anderson and Harris/Decima because we believe Harris/Decima has the same high standards as The Canadian Press when it comes to providing accurate, insightful and unbiased information," says Scott White, Editor-in-Chief of The Canadian Press.

"The Canadian Press is an ideal partner for our company," says Bruce Anderson. "Canadian Press journalists are both curious and entrepreneurial, driven to getting information to market with accuracy, fairness, insight and speed. These are the same values we nourish within our company, and try to deliver to our clients."